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Strengthen Student Typing Skills in Your District

How do you help students build their typing skills? Students need a variety of skills to navigate digital spaces successfully. If you want to help students learn how to type, there is a typing platform full of engaging games and activities you’ll want to explore.

Regular readers of the blog might remember TypeTastic and their resources for students and educators. It’s a fantastic platform that helps students build their typing skills and lets teachers and schools keep track of their progress at the same time. So when I heard they were offering a free trial starting now through the end of June 2023, I knew I had to get you the details.

Let’s dive into what TypeTastic offers and information on how to use it for free this spring!

Strengthen Student Typing Skills

TypeTastic can help build students’ self-confidence by providing a space to practice their typing skills. If you’ve found that your students are stressed about keeping up with keyboarding, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at TypeTastic this school year.

How can you strengthen student typing skills? The team at TypeTastic recommends that students practice their typing skills on the platform three times a week. They’ve seen students double and even triple their words per minute (WPM) with regular practice.

Happy positive school teacher having online class. Smiley young woman in glasses sitting at desk in classroom and using laptop computer to teach her students via video conference

If you spend time writing emails, developing lesson plans, or communicating in the digital world, you know how typing skills impact your daily workflow. Likewise, preparing students to navigate online spaces is an essential component of ensuring they are ready for success inside and outside the classroom.

TypeTastic in Action

Within TypeTastic School Edition, you’ll find lessons organized by grade level so students can jump right in. TypeTastic’s keyboarding curriculum is designed for K-12 and gives you access to a suite of teacher tools. The teacher dashboard in TypeTastic School Edition lets you arrange students into classes, keep track of their progress, and even organize customized typing tests.

How does TypeTastic School Edition work? This engaging platform has over 700 activities, so students learn from playing games. These keyboarding games and paragraph drills support students as they build typing skills. On TypeTastic’s platform, students participate in a keyboarding curriculum where all the typing units let students explore the process of learning how to type.

TypeTastic School Edition includes access to early elementary, upper elementary, middle, and high school units. Students begin each unit by typing either letters or words to start. Then they proceed to type sentences, paragraphs, and lengthier text passages.

Happy positive school teacher having online class. Smiley young woman in glasses sitting at desk in classroom and using laptop computer to teach her students via video conference

Monitor Typing Skills and Growth

TypeTastic School Edition has unique features that ensure everyone in your school and district can support a student’s typing skills and growth. This platform includes engaging assessments for students that helps teachers monitor student participation. As mentioned above, it consists of a user-friendly dashboard for teachers to see who needs more support or additional practice time.

Spring is the perfect time to try out a platform. Especially if you may want to use it during the summertime or to kick off the new school year. TypeTastic School Edition is now available for you to use for the entire spring. You can help build student typing skills and try out this platform at the same time.

Ready to get started with TypeTastic? Click here to access this typing skills platform’s special Spring 2023 free trial — through the end of June. The quick setup is due in part to seamless integrations with popular single sign-on (SSO), including Google, Clever, Classlink, and Microsoft. TypeTastic also offers onboarding assistance to schools and districts that need additional support.

Right now TypeTastic is offering a free trial for the entire spring of 2023 (through the end of June) for any size school or district.

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