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Typing Curriculum with Easy Onboarding for Districts and Schools

Do you use Clever Secure Sync, Classlink SSO, or Google Classroom? The typing curriculum TypeTastic School Edition offers easy onboarding for students using these systems. This single-sign on option gives schools and districts a quick way to get students started with this engaging typing curriculum. 

Regular readers of the blog might remember my past features of TypeTastic. If you haven’t tried it out yet, TypeTastic School Edition is a robust educational tool. It includes over 700 typing activities for students at all grade levels. There are 250+ activities for Early Elementary students (K-2) and 250+ activities for Upper Elementary students. You’ll also find 250+ activities for Middle and High School students (K-2).

In today’s blog post, I’ll share what TypeTastic offers students and teachers. Specifically, we’ll look at how their onboarding for schools and districts has become even more effortless.

Typing Curriculum for Schools

TypeTastic School Edition is a comprehensive typing curriculum with introductory games to get students interested in and familiar with typing on a keyboard. It includes motor skills training, touch typing, and the use of numbers and symbols. TypeTastic School Edition also gives students access to typing fluency practice activities and timed tests.

ClassTechTips Readers can get ​​TypeTastic School Edition free for 90-days. The school edition goes beyond the free version. It offers easy rostering and management (more on this below) and the ability for teachers to track student progress. You can customize study material and set up timed tests for students, too. TypeTastic School Edition is set up to support K-12 classrooms and is completely free of advertisements.

Do you use Clever Secure Sync, Classlink SSO, or Google Classroom? The typing curriculum TypeTastic School Edition offers easy onboarding.

The School Edition of TypeTastic offers student management, target scores, and progress reports in one dashboard. Students can learn by playing a variety of activities. They’ll have access to games and paragraph drills – all designed to help students learn to master typing skills as they play. There are characters like Roxy the Red Panda to support elementary school-aged students. And some activities offer more of a challenge for middle and high school-aged students. These include more complicated words and sentences to help students master number rows, number pads, and symbols. 

Easy Onboarding for Typing Program

One of the things I love about sharing EdTech tools and favorites on my blog and weekly newsletters is watching how platforms grow and change. So when the team at TypeTastic reached out to me earlier this year, I was excited to explore all of the updates to this popular tool. Although there are many exciting things behind the scenes at Typetastic, their easy onboarding is certainly a stand-out.

Do you use Clever Secure Sync, Classlink SSO, or Google Classroom? The typing curriculum TypeTastic School Edition offers easy onboarding.

What does it look like to start using a typing curriculum? When schools and districts introduce new tools, the onboarding process can often be a challenge. Adding an extra sign on to a student routine can be a barrier to a smooth adoption. TypeTastic now offers easy onboarding with integrations for spaces many schools and districts already use. Do you already use Clever Secure Sync, Classlink SSO, or Google Classroom? Typetastic easily integrates with these systems. 

Getting Started with TypeTastic School Edition

Ready to see TypeTastic School Edition in action? ClassTechTips readers can get ​​TypeTastic School Edition free for three months. To access this special offer, click here to head over to the exclusive page. First, you’ll answer a few questions; then, you’ll get an email to confirm your school (or district) plan activation.

Although TypeTastic has a free and a premium version, all integrations are available during the free trial. This means you can set up your school or district with TypeTastic as soon as you want to. You can try out this integration along with their typing curriculum. Of course, your students can use native logins just for TypeTastic, too. Try out TypeTastic with this exclusive free 90-day trial.

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