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Manage Your District Typing Program with TypeTastic School Edition

This post is in partnership with Typing Master. All opinions are my own. 

Do you use a typing program in your school? Classrooms across the world have incorporated typing programs, but managing them can be a challenge at an administrative level. You can now manage your district typing program with the TypeTastic School Edition platform. 

I first connected with the team behind TypeTastic a few years ago. You might remember this post where I featured their typing program. They have a new district-level platform that streamlines implementation for schools. In this blog post, I’ll share the new backend for district users and how you can manage your licenses all from one place.

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Typing Program for Students

If you haven’t used TypeTastic School Edition before, it is a K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. Within the curriculum, students have access to more than 700 entertaining activities to support typing practice. From games to paragraph drills, there are various activities designed to support student learning as they make their way through the curriculum.

Early elementary school-aged students can jump into games designed to help them develop motor skills and discover keyboarding basics. There are over 250 activities at this level for students to explore.

You can now manage your district typing program with the TypeTastic School Edition platform. This tool covers elementary through high school.

Upper elementary school-aged students have over 250 activities to explore, too. There are six units for students to tackle. They’ll go on a journey through “typing island” on their keyboarding adventure. These units include a deeper dive than the early elementary collection, including the incorporation of punctuation.

Middle and high school students also have access to over 250 activities at this level, with a more sophisticated and age-appropriate theme. Students will work through challenges that incorporate more complicated words and sentences, and also tackle the number row, number pad, and symbols along the way.

District Typing Program

TypeTastic School Edition has a new backend for district users to make sure everything is organized. Your district can now manage your school from one place using the new administrator platform. With these increased options, there can be multiple layers of access, so district leaders, school leaders, and classroom teachers can access the correct information when they login to the platform.

In TypeTastic School Edition, teachers have access to a dashboard with tools to help organize student information. From the teacher dashboard, you can arrange kids into classes and keep track of their progress. So when you log into the dashboard area, you can monitor how students are using the platform and even organize customized typing tests. There is a lot of flexibility here and plenty of data to help you provide additional support for students.

School Edition Updates

In other big news from TypeTastic, there is now integration with Clever and Google Classroom to make it easy to set up your classes. All users can now use Office365 and Google single-sign-on to access the platform.

The team behind TypeTastic School Edition is currently working on increasing accessibility for students, too. This includes a commitment to support visually impaired students with the removal of items that cause a distraction and the replacement of some of the bright colors to improve the contrast for students. You’ll definitely want to follow along with them as these updates come to the platform.

Ready to check out TypeTastic School Edition? TypeTastic currently has millions of users. If you want to sign up for free, head to this page with all of the details. You’ll find more information on their game-based approach to typing instruction for students — and sample games, too!

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