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Introduce Early Readers to a Variety of Cultures and Traditions

What types of text do you include in your classroom library? If you’ve used ebooks or digital texts with students, you know that often the selection is limited. Finding high-interest books that introduce students to a variety of cultures and traditions is essential. As you work with digital readers this school year, a great web-based resource gives students access to a wide-range of texts.

If you’ve stopped by the blog before, you probably already know that I am a big fan of PebbleGo. The team at Capstone now has a special section of their website dedicated to highlighting authors and diverse, inclusive topics. In this blog post, I’ll take you through some of the key features in the #OwnVoices section of Capstone Interactive eBooks. We’ll also look at a few special collections in PebbleGo. These titles can help you introduce your early readers to a variety of cultures and traditions.

Early Readers and Digital Texts

PebbleGo is part of the excellent digital resources from Capstone Interactive eBooks. Capstone makes it easy to locate articles and ebooks for K-5 students. And with this tool you can quickly and to share these resources with a copy and paste. This dynamic platform lets you access lots of Capstone resources, including PebbleGo

If you support early readers at a distance, PebbleGo has resources that lend themselves well to remote learning. In the video below, you can get a feel for what PebbleGo looks like when used in distance learning initiatives. With PebbleGo, you can copy and paste a link into any space your students already use, including Seesaw and Flipgrid.

When you open up PebbleGo, you’ll see some of the features that make it perfect for early readers. Natural read-aloud audio and a simple interface make it easy for early readers to navigate the space. Students can access the resources on whatever type of device they have access to, even a smartphone. Although the video above showcases a distance learning workflow, it’s not the only use case. This popular classroom tool can also be part of a blended learning station rotation for independent readers or used for a whole class lesson.

Find high-quality, diverse content for early readers and introduce them to a variety of cultures and traditions.

Own Voices Authors and eBooklist

Some fantastic resources are built into Capstone Interactive eBooks that make it easy to find and share high-interest, diverse texts with students. Included in this roundup of great resources is a spotlight on a selection of authors. This page takes you to the Own Voices Authors list and provides an overview of resources offered in Capstone Interactive eBooks. 

The Capstone team shares this message at the top of the page:

Capstone believes in inclusive representation and celebrating diverse storytelling in children’s books. We are proud to lift the voices of marginalized communities and share a richer, more authentic experience with readers by supporting #OwnVoices authors and illustrators. 

On the author page, you’ll find links to picture books, early reader books, narrative nonfiction books, and middle-grade books. Wondering exactly what topics are covered in the Own Voices collection? This page provides a full breakdown of resources. You can take a look at the OwnVoices eBooks catalog, where you can learn more about each title.

Supporting Early Readers in the Social Studies Classroom

As you examine your curriculum goals for this school year, what would you like to cover when teaching about cultures and traditions? You can use PebbleGo in conjunction with various diverse titles to introduce your K-3 students to different cultures throughout the United States and worldwide. The video below provides an overview of everything you’ll find in PebbleGo and how to navigate the space. So when you find a great resource, you can quickly and easily get it in the hands of your students.

In addition to using the Own Voices collection of resources described earlier in this post, you might want to check out the biography and social studies content from PebbleGo. The biography collection includes selections featuring Chadwick Boseman, Mindy Kaling, and Amanda Gorman, to name a few. Not only are there contemporary figures on this list, you will also find featured biographies. This includes titles on Supreme Court Justices, Shirley Chisholm, Dolores Huerta, and more.

The social studies section includes a wide variety of resources. Many of which you can bring into conversations around cultures and traditions from across the United States and different parts of the world. PebbleGo includes articles on a range of topics. This includes titles such as “Clothing around the World” and “Birthdays around the World.” You’ll also find titles like “Hmong New Year” and “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Ready to get started? Head over to Capstone’s Own Voices Authors list and the Own Voices collection page to learn more about these fantastic resources!

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