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A New Teaching Award Series for Educators!

May 29, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week might have taken place earlier this month, but the celebration is continuing with a new teacher award series for educators. The team at Kiddom (who I’ve featured on the blog before) have announced a special set of awards along with prizes. Submissions are open now through June 30th. You can nominate any educator, including yourself, for one of four different awards in this teaching award series.

How does the teacher award content work? Well, there are four different categories in Kiddom’s 2018-19 Teaching Greatest Hits awards. The folks at Kiddom chose these categories because they believe these are essential teaching skills that support teaching the whole child. The Teaching Greatest Hits Contest features four unique categories:

  • Most Engaging Classroom
  • Excellence in Differentiated Instruction
  • Most Interdisciplinary Classroom
  • Excellence in Curriculum Development

Celebrating Teaching and Learning

Let’s break down the four categories. For the first category, Most Engaging Classroom, you’ll want to think of a teacher who makes the curriculum relevant and also exciting for students. It doesn’t matter what grade level or subject area they teach. The teacher who wins this award certainly has a great relationship with students. Students absolutely love to come to their class.

You can nominate any educator, including yourself, for one of four different awards in this teaching award series from Kiddom.

The second award is Excellence in Differentiated Instruction. When you think about a teacher to nominate for this category, you’ll want to think of an educator who personalizes learning for students throughout the school year. Just like the Most Engaging Classroom award, this can go to any teacher regardless of grade level or subject area.

Third on the list of Kiddom’s 2018-19 Teaching Greatest Hits awards is Most Interdisciplinary Classroom. This teacher integrates skills from various disciplines. The winner of this award will be someone who thinks about developing rich learning experiences that teach the whole child too.

The fourth award on the list is Excellence in Curriculum Development. The winner of this award improves upon their set curriculum. You’ll want to think about an educator who looks for new resources related to student interest and keeps things fresh throughout the school year.

Teaching Award Submissions

Ready to share a teaching success story? You can use this link to submit a teacher you know or submit yourself to win in one of these categories. You can submit multiple times for each category or choose to enter in just one. Each award also lets you include a file with your submission. This file could be a video, image, or even a lesson plan portraying how the teacher leads in the category.

The recipients of the Teaching Greatest Hits Award series will receive an award in their category, a spotlight on the Kiddom “Teaching Wall of Fame”, and a cash prize. Submissions will close on June 30th, and the folks at Kiddom will announce the winners in July.

Submit a teacher (or yourself) to win! And check back to see the winners of Kiddom’s 2018-19 Teaching Greatest Hits awards. Use this link to learn more and enter the contest!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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