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Free Trial for Collaborative Curriculum Measuring Tool

There’s a new way to collaborate and measure curriculum across all classrooms within a school or district! If you’ve been looking for a new way to work together with colleagues as you build, measure, and fine-tune curriculum, the folks at Kiddom have something special for you. Their new tool helps you plan and stay organized throughout the school year. Go see it for yourself! Using this link, Class Tech Tips readers can test it out for a trial period of two weeks.

Collaborative Curriculum

With Kiddom Academy, curriculum developers and department leads can plan curriculum to share with teachers. But what is special about this tool is that the curriculum can provide a framework for teachers while still giving them plenty of flexibility to implement how they want in the classroom. This way teachers can make decisions specific to the needs of their group of students while aligning to the same scope and sequence over the course of the school year.

When all stakeholders in your school community use Kiddom Academy, they can stay on track and ensure consistency. Using the same platform to collaborate on curriculum helps reduce redundancies and give teachers access to useful resources. You might have heard of Kiddom before — just last month I wrote an overview of this new responsive curriculum tool. I’m really excited they are now offering a free trial for it.

Measuring Your Curriculum

Kiddom Academy provides school leaders, teachers, and instructional coaches with access to actionable information. This platform includes the ability to track the mastery of a specific skill across your entire school community throughout the school year. Having quick access to this type of information can help you make decisions, reflect on areas of success and need, and plan for new initiatives.

In the video above you can take a look at a demo school to get a feel for what Kiddom Academy looks like. It provides lots of actionable information thanks to the straightforward organization of real-time data. If you’re already using Kiddom Classroom, Kiddom Academy works perfectly alongside it too. Check out this video to see how the two work together.

Kiddom Academy at Your School

You can now try out Kiddom Academy totally for free! They are offering a special two-week free trial to Class Teach Tips readers so you can test out the tool in time for the upcoming school year. This way you can see their curriculum planning platform in action and determine if this collaborative model is a good fit for your school or district.

Kiddom Academy, the new collaborative curriculum measuring tool helps you plan and stay organized throughout the school year!

So what happens when you sign up for Kiddom Academy? When you sign up for your Free Trial, you will instantly have full Academy access for your own school, so be sure to take advantage of the time to start building your curriculum a demo school. In addition, you’ll also be able to explore the many dashboards. Here you can view progress at the student, classroom, school, or district level. The demo school will give you a good feel for what this looks like.

As soon as you start your free trial, you’ll have access to Kiddom’s support team. They can certainly answer any questions to make sure you take advantage of all of Kiddom Academy’s features.

This exclusive invite is available first to Class Tech Tips readers only! Start your free trial here. And everything you build during your free trial will still be available after you decide to purchase — so you can get started today!

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