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Responsive Curriculum Management in Action

What does it look like to have a robust and responsive curriculum in your school? A well-designed, responsive curriculum gives teachers an opportunity to help students connect with content in a meaningful way. A clear plan for instruction and delivery can help students engage in deeper learning with subject matter in every classroom.

Making sure all curriculum is consistent across a school and district has become a priority for educators. This is especially true for those leading the charge for creating learning environments that are high-quality and high-interest for students. Consistency across schools and classrooms can help school leaders make meaning of the data shared by classroom teachers and specialists. With increased visibility and established curriculum norms across a school and district, everyone can stay on the same page and support the work happening in every classroom.

Curriculum Management in Action

One of the issues with developing curriculum for a large number of classrooms is knowing for sure that curriculum is implemented with fidelity. Teachers can use their pedagogical and content knowledge to design learning experiences that meet the needs of their students. At the same time, they can keep curriculum goals front and center. However, in some schools and districts, only certain parts of a curriculum are implemented fully. Without clear and consistent learning goals and strong curriculum design, making sure that quality instruction takes place across a school or district is a challenging task.

Differentiated Instruction with Kiddom

With Kiddom it’s possible to have both, consistent, centrally sourced curriculum and personalized instruction. You can honor commitments to creating environments where differentiated learning opportunities are front and center.

The folks at Kiddom Academy (schedule a demo here) have developed a new way to approach curriculum management. This new tool is called Responsive Curriculum Management. It gives administrators and teachers the information they need to implement a curriculum effectively. Whether a curriculum is designed internally or adapted from a third-party publisher, Kiddom Academy provides a space for educators to ensure the very best is happening in every classroom.

What is responsive curriculum management?

Responsive Curriculum Management from Kiddom Academy provides a platform for administrators. They can use this space to design and deploy standards-aligned curriculum directly to a teachers’ Kiddom Planner. The curriculum can be designed in house, adapted from a publisher’s content, or co-designed with teachers. When teachers access their own Kiddom Planner, they can see the curriculum for their class all in one place.

Dashboard for curriculum management software. Learn how a well-designed, responsive curriculum gives teachers an opportunity to help students connect with content in a meaningful way.

With this platform from Kiddom Academy, teachers can access curricular resources in real-time. Then they can use and modify the resources and collaborate with their colleagues. While this happens, school and district leaders can gain visibility into classroom progress and performance in real-time.

So at any point throughout a new unit of study they can have a window into student learning and progress in every classroom. This review might also happen during a critical benchmark during the school year. School leaders can respond to the needs in their school or district using the information in the Kiddom platform.

If you’d like extra support with introducing a new initiative to your school, be sure to check out Kiddom’s free ebook,  Change Management Guide for Administrators.

Benefits of Responsive Curriculum Management

Kiddom Academy’s Responsive Curriculum Management feature offers administrators the ability to make informed decisions to support student learning. They can calibrate on academic expectations and take action on classroom data to make sure teachers have everything they need for a successful school year.

You can see Responsive Curriculum Management in Action through the Kiddom Academy's administrator and teacher dashboard.

In addition to the design and deployment features mentioned above, getting a view on which curriculum types and activities are performing best for student outcomes helps school and district leaders make data-informed decisions. This feature can help them decide how to allocate funds for the current or upcoming school year. All of this information is accessible in real-time. Kiddom Academy’s Responsive Curriculum Management feature makes the collection and analysis of information related to curriculum implementation easier than ever.

Kiddom Academy in Action

The Responsive Curriculum Management is a feature available in Kiddom Academy. I’ve featured Kiddom on my blog in the past because they have resources designed for educators in every subject area and a range of grade levels. Abbas Manjee, Chief Academic Officer at Kiddom and former classroom educator, is passionate about the power of education technology. His message connects to Kiddom’s overall mission to unlock the potential of all teachers and learners. He shared, “Curriculum design is fundamentally emotional work, representing the journey educators plan for students to make meaningful connections with concepts.”

Schools in different parts of the country are also putting Kiddom Academy into action. As you can see in the video earlier in the post (or visit the link here), Kiddom Academy is present in different school environments. This includes spaces with blended learning initiatives and as well as schools with an emphasis on individualized instruction too. With Kiddom Academy’s new Responsive Curriculum Management feature, you can certainly make sure curriculum goals are consistent across different classrooms in your school, and schools in your district.

Learn more about Kiddom Academy and schedule a demo by visiting this special landing page!

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