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Women’s History Month Lesson Plans and Resources

March is Women’s History Month, and I have some resources to help you celebrate. It’s exciting to see increased commitments to makings sure all voices are heard in classrooms and subject areas. Although I sure hope the month of March isn’t the only time women’s voices are front and center, it’s always nice to have a reminder.

When the team at Kiddom reached out to me to share their special set of Women’s History Month resources I couldn’t wait to learn more. Teachers looking for a way to honor Women’s History Month may find this curated lesson plan a great place to start. This resource can help engage a diverse range of students with a variety of content around the subject.

Learn how to use Kiddom's Women’s History Month lessons and resources in your classroom this March. This EdTech tool is perfect for K-12 classrooms.

Women’s History Month Lesson Plans

Throughout the month of March, Kiddom will release a series of women’s history-themed playlists. These playlists will cover more specific academic topics. This way you can continue incorporating women’s history into their curricula in meaningful ways — even after the month is over.

The first playlist of this series is called “Damsels in Defiance” and celebrates “the persistence of women everywhere who refused to sit still and look pretty when faced with narrow views of what they could become and what they deserve. Whether they were raising children or raising the consciousness of a nation, women have been an essential part of the story of humanity, often with little acknowledgment. This playlist sets the tone with resources that not only honor the unflinching women of the past, but also asks students to identify the inequalities that still exist, how they affect our society and what must be done to ensure that all people, regardless of gender, can live as sovereign citizens of the world.”

In this playlist for Women’s History Month, there are reading passages, video clips and more! You can see all the resources on this dedicated landing page. It includes categories for K-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Lesson Planning with Kiddom

Ready to get started? You can use the content just as it is by heading over to the curated list of resources. Or to get the most out of your experience and explore other playlists, sign up for Kiddom Classroom. With this extra step, you can easily save your favorite content and assign to students from the Kiddom platform. This way you can assess and grade the content, too. Any teacher using Kiddom Classroom will then be able to see which skills students have developed using the resources you assigned.

The folks at Kiddom also shared a 2017 study by MDR with me. It helps to make a case for the power of their platform — which makes it easy to find and curate resources. This study shows that teachers spend 12 hours a week searching for or planning lessons. Teachers who use Kiddom Classroom (it’s free!) save hours every week. This platform gives you the ability to quickly find resources, assign, and assess. It even lets you intervene and communicate with students over their work.

Curated Lesson Plans

If you haven’t heard of Kiddom before, they have a dynamic platform I’ve shared in the past. You have seen this post from January all about their responsive curriculum management. It’s an excellent EdTech tool for teachers who want flexibility and options for how they want to plan their curriculum.

Teachers, schools, and districts that use Kiddom can choose to use content from Kiddom’s curated lesson plans. There are plenty more just like the Women’s History Month playlist on different topics to explore.

In addition to accessing these curated lesson places, teachers can use lessons they’ve created on their own or found elsewhere. There is the option to link to external content or integrate with your Google Drive or Microsoft Office account. This feature in combination with Kiddom’s content library of over 70,000 free resources is pretty powerful. If you do jump into their content library, you can search by subject, grade, standard, or content type.

News from Kiddom

Although you’ll certainly want to check out the Women’s History Month lesson plans and resources, Kiddom just released a new feature. With this feature, teachers can now access curated content relevant to the grades and subjects they’re teaching. New material will be published often, so teachers will always have up-to-date and socially responsible resources at their fingertips!

Learn how to use Kiddom's Women’s History Month lessons and resources in your classroom this March. This EdTech tool is perfect for K-12 classrooms.

So head over to the Kiddom’s Women’s History Month playlist, download their app, or sign up for Kiddom Classroom. I can’t wait to hear what about what you and your students explore this month!

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