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Automating Question Creation with AI and Quillionz

March 13, 2019

What does it look like to check for understanding with digital tools? Manual question generation is definitely time-consuming. Although there are times when you’ll want to customize, tweak and make your own questions for students, there is a new tool you’ll certainly want to check out. Quillionz makes automating question creation a reality.

Quillionz is an AI-powered platform can help facilitate question creation this school year. It uses artificial intelligence to help you figure out what questions can best check for understanding.

How does a question generator work?

I had a chance to see Quillionz in action this year. And it was absolutely wild to watch just how fast it works. As you can see in the video below, Quillionz uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the very best questions to ask students. It’s a free question generator that first asks you to find a passage you want students to read.

You copy and paste that piece of text into Quillionz. This text could include the body of an article you want students to read or a chapter you’d like them to review. Once the text is on the page, the AI goes into action.

First, it will tell you the word count of your text. Then, it will give you the chance to choose keywords from the document. You can select and deselect keywords on the list to help Quillionz form the very best questions. And Quillionz also gives you a few prompts to make sure your content is ready.

Free Question Generator

I really like how Quillionz lets you customize the questions. It’s a great example of the importance of a teacher’s content and pedagogical knowledge combined with the support of artificial intelligence. With Quillionz, you can create questions from authentic material in seconds.

Learn how you can easily start automating question creation with a free quiz creator for teachers and school. This EdTech tool helps formative assessment.

You can export the questions to a normal text file or QuilliQuiz to make a self-assessment quiz out of it. If you export the questions, you can then add it to an LMS you’re already using with your class or even share it as a simple Word Document. So it’s really up to you how you would like to share the quiz you’ve created with the help of Quillionz.

Formative Assessment Quiz Creator

Regular followers of my blog (sign up here), know how much I value the power for formative assessment with digital tools. I’ve even written a book about it! One thing I talk about in my book #FormativeTech: Meaningful, Sustainable, and Scalable Formative Assessment with Technology, is the way technology can help us collect information more efficiently. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

“One of the reasons I’m so passionate about the use of technology in education is the way it can increase efficiency using technology tools to collect formative assessment data and plan with a purpose. #FormativeTech data collection and analysis can save you precious minutes of instructional time each day and hours of planning time each week.” (p. 33-34)

So if you’re excited about automating question creation, you’ll want to check out this AI-powered tool. Get started with Quillionz for free! Head over to their website to try out this free EdTech tool for teachers yourself.

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