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TypeTastic School Edition Typing Practice for All Grade Levels

September 14, 2018

Does your school have a typing program for students? If you’re looking to support students with typing practice for all grade levels, you’ll want to check out TypeTastic School Edition. They made a big announcement this summer, and I’m excited to share the news with you!

TypingMaster has just introduced TypeTastic School Edition! It includes an entire K-12 keyboarding curriculum, as well as a suite of teacher tools. The new TypeTastic curriculum covers all grade levels starting from kindergarten. When you dive into TypeTastic School Edition, you’ll find the original TypeTastic games and more! Once students master the basic concepts through the original games, they can move on to touch typing and extra units to develop typing skills further.

Typing Practice for Students

TypeTastic School Edition now has an expanded curriculum. It introduces students to more than 250 entertaining new keyboarding activities. These activities cover touch-typing and fluency, numbers, and symbols. With TypeTastic School Edition, students will build a foundation for typing skills that will grow throughout the school year.

In order to make a platform that is kid-friendly and effective, TypeTastic School Edition includes a wide range of activities. Students are taken on an island adventure as they work on their typing skills. They will collect words and letters as they type and travel through different landscapes. This platform uses special technology called a FingerPaths keyboard. It helps students visualize the key locations and finger movements intuitively as they type.

TypeTastic School Edition Typing Practice for All Grade Levels

Some typing tools have repetitive exercises that aren’t particularly engaging for students. TypeTastic School Edition has a wide variety of exercises designed to support learning every step of the way. The new edition includes all the original games too. Since they have been super popular in the past, it’s a great way to keep students interested in typing practice throughout the school year.

TypeTastic School Edition

I had the chance to sit down with the folks behind at TypingMaster at ISTE this year. While we were in Chicago together, they showed off the new features of TypeTastic School Edition. In addition to enhanced typing practice for students, there is a new dashboard for teachers. This new feature makes it easier to monitor student progress and check in when students need extra support.

In the teacher dashboard, educators have access to lots of information. TypeTastic School Edition saves all scores from student exercises. Using the dashboard, teachers can share customize typing tests if they want to check in on the progress of an individual student. This new delivery system can be used to assess students.

Typing Practice in Classrooms

How does it work? TypeTastic School Edition works on any device with a web-browser so you won’t need extra apps or plugins. If you are using iPads in your class, you can use the screen’s keyboard for most content. However, the expanded material requires an external keyboard if you’re using iPads. TypeTastic School Edition supports single sign-on making it easy for students to sign on. Schools and districts can also integrate TypeTastic School Edition to school directory using Active Directory Federation Services (SAML 2.0).

TypeTastic School Edition is now available for teachers and students! They have a range of prices for schools and districts as well as teacher accounts. Starting at $99 a year for a class of 40 students, you can check out TypeTastic School Edition with a free trial right now!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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