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Vocab Victor Word Learning App for Students

September 13, 2018

Learning new words and building vocabulary is an integral part of a student’s growth as readers and writers. Earlier this year I had the chance to chat with the team at Vocab Victor. They have designed a mobile app to supplement classroom instruction. It can help students build their vocabulary and learn new words this school year!

Instead of vocabulary lists, flashcards, and worksheets, Vocab Victor is designed to support the work happening in your classroom through supplemental activities. With Vocab Victor, students can explore intermediate-level vocabulary to increase competence across four language skills. It helps students build word association networks to better remember and apply new words.

Vocab Victor can support English Language Learners who are building their language proficiency. The app can help English speakers improve their vocabulary too, but is particularly useful for students learning the language. Vocab Victor is primarily geared toward English Language Learners but you may find multiple use cases in your classroom.

Intermediate-Level Vocabulary

Unlike some other vocabulary apps for students, Vocab Victor focuses on intermediate-level vocabulary. Their goal is to help students improve competence across all four language learning skills. Intermediate-level vocabulary is words students don’t see as often in their daily life but need to understand for the moments they come across these words. Students do not encounter Intermediate-level vocabulary as frequently as beginner-level words, so Vocab Victor focuses on these lists of words.

A team of linguists and software engineers created Vocab Victor to help students learn new words and how to apply them in real-world situations. The Vocab Victor word learning app connects to a database of thousands of words. It uses different combinations of words to show the relationships between a set of words. The Vocab Victor servers automatically generate game content. This feature allows for an infinite variety of games, so each game is different for every student — every time they open the app.

Word Learning App for Students

How does Vocab Victor work? Students explore new words by playing a series of integrated word games. When students dive into the app, they will find a variety of games. These games teach different types of word knowledge. As students play, the games customize to their learning level.

This app can supplement classroom instruction both inside and outside of the classroom. You might also suggest this app to families looking to support their children at home. Vocab Victor tracks student progress and families might choose to share this information with a teacher or tutor if it is being used at home. It also adapts to each student’s level of learning and performance on different activities.

Vocab Victor can share exactly which words a student is studying at a given time. It also provides students with practice activities until they learn words they are having trouble with during their practice time. Using the information it collects on student progress and understanding, Vocab Victor decides which words students need to practice. We all know that students jump between different devices both during and after school hours. Students can practice across multiple devices, and all of the data on student progress lives in the cloud.

The Vocab Victor vocabulary app is currently available for free on Apple and Android devices! Click here to access the download link, and they’ll send the app directly to your device.

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