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5 Reasons to Try PBIS Rewards for Schoolwide PBIS Initiatives

April 3, 2018

As you get ready to finish out the school and prepare for a successful start in the fall, PBIS Rewards is worth exploring. I’ve had the chance to connect with their team in the past, and they have a handful of tools and features all designed to support PBIS initiatives in schools. If you haven’t heard of PBIS before, PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.

PBIS is an evidence-based framework used by schools and districts around the world. The goal of PBIS is to improve school culture and student behavior with the end goal of creating a safe environment for learning. The folks at PBIS Rewards have put together a special program that leverages digital tools to keep track of student progress. PBIS Rewards gives users access to an automated school-wide PBIS management system designed to keep implementation and tracking simple for all members of the school community.

5 Reasons to Try PBIS Rewards

There are a handful of reasons you’ll want to check out PBIS Rewards this year. Whether you are just getting started with new PBIS initiatives in your school or looking to take your management of this type of program to the next level, PBIS Rewards has a handful of compelling features you’ll want to explore.

Digital Token Economy

PBIS Rewards gives your school community access to a complete digital token economy. This means you won’t have to deal with paper tickets, manual accounting on spreadsheets, or incomplete data. Because PBIS Rewards is digital, it’s completely trackable. You can use PBIS Rewards to award students points and make it easy for them to redeem these points. Your entire school “economy” needs are met with features like a school store, personalized teacher stores, event management, raffles, and more.


The PBIS Rewards platform lets you take PBIS beyond your classroom walls. Students and school staff can access the PBIS web portal and suite of PBIS Apps from any device. This portability makes it easy for both teachers and students. School staff and community members can recognize any student anywhere – on any device. This means a teacher could be walking down the hallways or entering the cafeteria. They could notice students on a school bus, or when chaperoning a field trips as they award points for students. The student portal and app make it easy for students to access and review their own data too.

Financial Literacy

PBIS Rewards turns the student ID badge into a “debit card” for the token economy at your school. With features like student goal setting and the ability to have conversations around ideas like budgeting and planning, this can help reinforce financial literacy. There is definitely potential for cross-curricular connections. The PBIS web portal, and the mobile app makes it easy to access this data from anywhere.

More than Incentives

You can use PBIS Rewards to go beyond Tier I of your PBIS initiatives. With features like their Advanced Referral System and Check In/Check Out system for students, users at a school and district level can bring Tier I and Tier II data together in one place. Having access to these features all in one spot can help streamline reporting, reduce paperwork, eliminate lost forms, and help identify trends and coaching opportunities.

Increase Instructional Time

Another reason you may want to explore PBIS Rewards is the efficiency it brings to this type of data collection. PBIS Rewards makes it fast and easy to recognize an entire class. You can also spotlight individual students who are meeting and/or exceeding behavior expectations. The digitized referral and intervention forms let users quickly and confidently redirect students for the support they need. This can happen when they need it, without significant interruptions to instructional time.

Learn more about PBIS Rewards and how to get started with this program by heading over to their website!

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