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Engage Students with Interactive Teaching Materials from Creativity 365

Student engagement is more than hooking students at the beginning of a lesson. When students are in the flow of learning, they are interacting with new information, applying what they’ve learned, and creating and collaborating with their peers. The team behind Creativity 365 reached out to me earlier this year to share their interactive teaching materials and content creation toolset along with a special offer for teachers and students.

Productivity and Collaboration in the Classroom

If you haven’t heard of Creativity 365 before, it is a content creation toolset that works across multiple devices. Students and teachers can use these tools to improve productivity and collaboration in the classroom while creating products that demonstrate an understanding of learning goals. Perfect for use across grade levels and subject areas, Creativity 365 gives educators access to a variety of open-ended creation tools.

How does it work? When teachers and students sign up for Creativity 365, they’ll receive instant access to five apps. This includes Animation Desk, NoteLedge, PDF Markup, Pocket Scanner, and Write-on Video. In addition to accessing these creation tools, users will also receive 1TB Kdan Cloud storage. With their Creativity 365 account, all subscribers gain access to the premium features that are normally unavailable to users of the free apps. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll find a special offer for teachers and students from the team at Creativity 365.

Creation Tools for Students

Interactive Teaching MaterialsThe five creation tools listed above give teachers, and students access to a variety of ways to capture and share learning. Pocket Scanner lets users create JPEG scans and PDFs in seconds by digitally scanning any document. With Markup, you can annotate PDFs, web pages, and epub books and save your annotations to access at any time. NoteLedge lets users organize multimedia and take notes on any device. With Animation Desk, teachers and students can create animations and express ideas through multimedia. The fifth app in the Creativity 365 suite is Write-on Video which lets users make movies, video slideshows, and scripts.

Teachers and students can use the Creativity 365 toolkit to digitize school work and maximize productivity. For example, students can scan a page from a textbook or a class handout with Pocket Scanner. With PDF Markup both students and teachers can annotate documents, highlight web pages, and quickly review content. These tools can definitely come in handy as you capture information and notes to review later and keep all of your reference materials and resources in one place.

Within the Creativity 365 toolkit, there are lots of ways to efficiently organize information from multiple sources. The way students today gather information and navigate many online sources requires organizational tools to capture their thinking across various devices. The NoteLedge tool in Creativity 365 allows users to quickly collect information from the Internet including texts and images. Users can also take notes while watching videos from online streaming services. This includes YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and National Geography, and trace back reference links. Teachers can use this tool when curating and creating class materials with multimedia aids. Students can capture information, work on school projects, and interact with their peers.

Interactive Teaching Materials

Within the Creativity 365 toolkit, you’ll find lots of resources to help engage students with interactive teaching materials. Write-on Video lets users create videos for students on any topic, in any subject area. Teachers can use this tool to share information, inspire action and cultivate curiosity in students. Students can use Animation Desk for their own animation creation to show off what they’ve learned with a shareable product.

The folks at Creativity 365 have shared a special link with me that will give you 50% off their toolkit! Click here to access this offer.

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