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Clark Data-Driven Tutoring Platform: Virtual Assistant for Tutors

October 5, 2017

If you are managing tutoring during or after school hours, the folks at Clark have developed the first data-driven tutoring platform to acts like a virtual assistant for tutors. Clark officially launched last month with both an iOS app and web portal. Their goal is to make it easier for educators to build their small business as a tutor without all the hassle of invoicing and scheduling. So if you are exploring the idea of tutoring during out of school hours or looking to manage your small business, you’ll want to explore this straightforward, time-saving tool.

Clark Data-Driven Tutoring Platform

How are tutors using Clark? Clark automatically sends session reminders to students, processes payments, and keeps track of any cancellations. In addition to taking care of the logistics, Clark also provides parents and teachers with updates on each child’s progress so they can keep track of information over time so it’s easier to monitor growth during the school year.

Virtual Assistant for Tutors

Clark uses artificial intelligence to help educators manage a tutoring business. Using the iOS app or web portal, Clark onboards a tutor’s existing business. It jumps in to assist with administrative tasks. With this tool, educators can use Clark to find new students so they can continue to grow their business. As part of the onboarding process, Clark conducts a background on each prospective tutor. It gives them a space to set up a professional profile to publicize their skills, qualifications and academic accomplishments to help to attract new students.

Parents can sign up on the Clark website, and they’ll be matched with a tutor that meets their needs. Clark will also provide parents with session reminders, scheduling, automated payments. It provides progress reports that help them track their child’s learning plan. This data is useful for both families and tutors who want to keep things simple when it comes to paperwork.

Get started with Clark by heading over to their website and downloading their mobile app!

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