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Stop Motion Kits for Science Animations Cut N’ Learn Kickstarter

April 25, 2017

Looking for a new type of learning experience for your classroom? The folks at Cut N’ Learn have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their stop motion kits for the science classroom. Stop motion animation is a powerful medium and helps students develop a range of skills, including fine motor abilities, precision, concentration, and persistence. In the science classroom, stop motion animation can be used in lots of different ways. I love the idea that students can combine technology with tangible items for an engaging, hands-on learning experience connected to curriculum goals.

Stop Motion Kits for Science Animations

There are several STEM topics students can explore through stop motion animation. With stop motion animation, students can break down a phenomena to smaller steps as they dive into a new topic. With stop motion animation students can dive into a new topic like the water cycle or a human heartbeat. Children can learn while they create animations connected to learning goals. In the video below you can see Cut N’ Learn stop motion in action.

Since stop motion can require a lot of time and energy, the team at Cut N’ Learn have launched a Kickstarter campaign for special kits designed to save a lot of preparation time since all of the pieces students need are provided. The stop motion app which is included in the kits even has an image stabilization syste. This means that the software corrects any small movements that might happen as students point-and-click. The stop motion animation kits are designed to be used in a one-day lesson.

There are currently seven Cut N’ Learn kits and their Kickstarter campaign is designed to develop even more.  Learn more about Cut N’ Learn’s special Kickstarter by visiting this website!

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