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Teach English from Home: 51Talk American Academy Program

April 26, 2017

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to connect with the team at 51Talk. Have you heard of 51Talk before? They’re a company that focuses on online English-learning to help children learn how to speak English. We talked about their mission for making English-language learning a reality for students overseas through one-on-one video conferencing. It takes place live on their special platform and gives educators an opportunity to teach English from home.

Teach English from Home

51Talk has just launched a new opportunity for teachers in the United States and Canada. It allows them to work from home to teach English to students overseas. This program is called the American Academy and it’s designed to help English-speaking educators connect with students in China. I love the idea of connecting teachers to students with the power of technology. This can help address challenges of supporting students in different places around the world.

The American Academy program from 51Talk  uses a live, one-on-one video conferencing platform to help make English-language education accessible to millions of learners in China. Although the American Academy program from 51Talk is new, this company has been around for several years and already reaches tens of thousands of students. They even went public on the New York Stock Exchange last year (ticker symbol: COE). Since this program takes place remotely, 51Talk offers teachers an easy way to make extra money teaching as they connect with students from another part of the world.

51Talk American Academy Program

The team at 51Talk is looking for more teachers to join their mission to make English-language education accessible, enjoyable and affordable to students in China. Its a great opportunity to learn about another culture and earn supplemental income at the same time. Teachers who are part of 51Talk’s new American Academy program choose their own hours and have access initial and ongoing professional development training.

Learn more about 51Talk by visiting their website where you can Apply for the program and read teacher testimonials!

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