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5 Spark Video Chromebook and iPad Activities for English Language Learners

April 24, 2017

Spark Video Activities for English Language LearnersLast week I had the chance to share some strategies for using video with English Language Learners. During this special presentation at the Apple Store SoHo in New York City, I spoke to educators (and plenty of casual shoppers who walked by) about the power of using videos with students. Children who might be conversationally proficient in English but struggle with writing, or children who are ready to demonstrate their understanding of a topic in their native or second language, can use video to show what they know.

I love the Adobe Spark tools because they are easy-to-use, free, and work in both Chromebook and iPad classrooms. You might have seen my posts from earlier this year on ways to use Adobe Spark with Google Classroom (read it here) or how to use Spark Post for virtual exit slips (read it here). When it comes to creating videos with English Language Learners, Spark Video is a perfect choice. Students can record their voice, explore vocabulary, and use images and icons to explain their thinking on a topic.

If you’re brand new to creating videos with Adobe Spark, check out this step-by-step guide for getting started with Spark Video.


Spark Video Activities for English Language Learners

Vocabulary exploration. One of the great features of Spark Video is the ability to search for images and icons. As you explore a new unit of study, ask students to search for an icon or image that connects to domain specific vocabulary words.

Sequence stories. Students can use Spark Video to retell a story in sequence. This could be a special moment from their own life or a story they’ve heard as a read aloud.

Publish work. Spark Video lets students record their voice over each slide in their creation. Students can publish their written work using their voice to share their writing.

Capture reflections. After a special event at your school, ask each student to record their voice over a slide sharing one thing they learned. This video of class reflections can be shared with peers and families.

Collaborative creations. In pairs, students can use Spark Video to document their learning by combining text and voice. Ask students to brainstorm on a graphic organizer or talk about what they want to say before they hit record.

Visit Adobe Spark’s website to get started!

Don’t forget to grab these graphic organizers for using Spark Video with your students.

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