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SMART Response 2 Formative Assessment Tool for Classrooms

February 17, 2017

How do you check for understanding in your classroom? It’s so important to gauge student understanding in the midst of a lesson. The folks at SMART Technologies have a special formative assessment tool to help teachers check for understanding as part of their Learning Suite. You might be familiar with SMART’s popular interactive whiteboards. As a teacher in a one-to-one classroom, I loved having a SMART Board in my classroom to demonstrate concepts in a mini-lesson and provide opportunities for students to interact with content in whole and small group discussions.

Formative Assessment

Response 2 is part of SMART’s Learning Suite and designed to help teachers check for understanding during a lesson. You actually don’t need a SMART Board (or any kind of interactive whiteboard) to use the SMART Learning Suite – it works with any internet-connected device.


Response 2 is formative assessment software for student’s to use on their devices. It lets teachers create a question set to complement their lesson. This straightforward tool makes it quick and easy to create questions sets related to your lesson goals. Formative assessment tools let teachers check for understanding before, during and after a lesson to figure out who has mastered concepts and who needs extra support. Effective formative assessment tools provide real-time data that is actionable for teachers – they can use the information right away as they plan whole group and small group instruction. With Response 2 teachers can receive real-time student assessment data and have instant feedback. This information can help teachers make strategic decisions to address the needs of all students.

Response 2

Getting started with Response 2 is easy. There is a three step process that lets you set up assessments for your class. First, select your question type. As shown in the video above, this can include multiple choice or text-based questions that ask students to type their answer. Next, students respond to your questions on their devices. They can respond to questions using desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones. Finally, teachers can review results in real-time. You’ll get an instant report or student responses in a pie graph or word cloud. Response 2 will also provide an aggregate of how the class performed in a spreadsheet. So you can get a quick view of which students need extra support.

Learn more about Response 2 formative assessment tool from SMART’s Learning Suite by visiting their website!

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