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Free Blended Learning Guide for Teachers from Kiddom

February 15, 2017

The team at Kiddom has put together a free blended learning guide for teachers titled Blended Learning 101. If you’re a regular follower of, you might have seen my feature on Kiddom’s new iOS app earlier this year. Kiddom is a platform for teachers that lets them plan, assess and analyze data in their classroom. They’ve put together a new guide for teachers to help them get started with blended learning.

Blended Learning Guide for Teachers

Blended Learning 101 is a straightforward professional development guide that provides a fantastic overview of blended learning for teachers. This guide defines blended learning and explain the various BL models. It also covers what’s needed to start a BL program in a classroom or school site. This guide shares how Kiddom can be used to implement Blended Learning and was authored by Kiddom’s Teaching and Learning team made up of current and former educators.

Not only is this guide research-based, it includes infographics that make it easier to illustrate the power of blended learning. You’ll find plenty of information to give you an overview of blended learning and how it can transform traditional classroom practice. I strongly believe that digital tools used thoughtfully can take teaching and learning to the next level. Formative assessment with technology can make it easier than ever to reach every student and address their individual needs. The free Blended Learning 101 guide is a fantastic resource for teachers at any level, teaching any subject area.

In case you’re new the Kiddom, I’ve included a video overview above that gives you a feel for the power of their platform. Kiddom’s website has lots more information on how this tool can be used to plan, assess and analyze data throughout the school year.

Here’s the link to Kiddom’s website where you can learn more and download the guide for free!

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