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4 Ways to Use QR Codes with Students

January 2, 2017

Last year I published my first book with Corwin Press, Deeper Learning With QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom. It’s been so exciting to hear how teachers are using scannable technology in engaging and meaningful ways. This is happening to promote deeper learning experiences for their students. As you kick off the year with your students I wanted to share a few ways to incorporate QR codes into your instruction this school year.

In my book Deeper Learning With QR Codes and Augmented Reality I introduce the ACES Framework for scannable technology integration. A is for Access, C is for Curate, E is for Engage, and S is for Share. The image on the right gives more information on the framework I outline in the book.

Ready to get started using #ScannableTech? Or simply looking for ways to take this work to the next level? Well here are a few ways to use QR codes this year!

Using QR Codes with Students

You can curate (handpick) resources by locating the best websites, videos and audio clips for your students. Once you’ve chosen your favorite online spots for students to visit connecting those links to a QR code is a quick way to get your curated resources into the hands of kids. Follow these steps to curate resources with QR codes.

You can connect resources to QR codes for parents to interact with too. Maybe this is information you want them to read before you start a new unit with their children. Maybe this is a video you want them to watch with their children. For example, something to get ready for an upcoming literature study. QR codes can connect parents to any type of content posted online.

You can even take a student creation, like a project made with Adobe Spark Page or Spark Video and connect the link to a QR code. This is a great strategy to share digital creations in flat spaces like a bulletin board or school exhibit.

A Google Form can connect to a QR code.  This way students can scan the QR code with an app like i-nigma on their mobile device and they’ll be taken directly to the Google Form. Here a few steps to follow to connect a Google Form to a scannable QR code.

If you’re a regular reader of you know how much I love #ScannableTech. Share your ideas for using QR codes this year in the comments below!

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