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Turnitin Revision Assistant: Instructional Tool for Writers

January 3, 2017

Last month Turnitin Revision Assistant was featured at a special White House event on instructional tools for educators. On December 7, the White House and the Department of Education hosted teachers and their students. They came together along with industry and legislative leaders for the Innovative Assessment Tech Jam, a special event held in Washington D.C. The goal of the Innovative Assessment Tech Jam was to model best practices and technology leading to better, fewer, and fairer assessments. Since Turnitin Revision Assistant works to help students become stronger writers, it was a perfect fit for this special event showcasing instructional edtech tools.

Instructional Tool for Writers

Turnitin Revision Assistant is a formative writing product designed to extend the reach of teachers by giving students immediate, actionable and substantive feedback as they write. Revision Assistant has the ability to inform instruction through immediate feedback on student writing. This helps teachers target their instruction to areas of student need to use their time efficiently. If you’ve followed in the past you know I’m a huge fan of #FormativeTech tools that leverage the power of technology to make formative assessment more meaningful for teachers and students. Instructional tools like Revision Assistant give feedback to students. With this actionable information students understand how to improve their work and teachers know how to support students. Revision Assistant was created not to assess a work, but to turn information gathered when reviewing student work into feedback that students can learn from to improve their writing.

Revision Assistant was one of a just a handful of new educational technology products featured at this special White House event to showcase how technology tools can support instructional goals.

Visit Turnitin Revision Assistant‘s website to learn more about this special tool!

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Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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