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Yash Math Adventure Elementary Math App

June 25, 2016

If your elementary students need extra help with math facts or love solving math puzzles you have to check out Yash Math Adventure! This elementary math app takes students on an adventure as they solve math problems. This app is for students in elementary school and aligns to the Common Core Math Standards for first, second and third grade.

Elementary Math App

How can you use the Yash Math Adventure elementary math app in your classroom?Yash Math Adventure can be used to reinforce math concepts and gamify math practice for students. This app is great to recommend to families looking for educational math apps for their elementary school-aged children. It’s easy to use and helps student practice foundational math concepts with 36 levels to move through. I love how easy this app is to use and how it combines a video game interface with math practice.

Yash Math Adventure is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Store and Windows Store. It also supports multiple languages including English, Spanish and French.

Visit Yash Math Adventure’s website to learn more!

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