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Evo Social and Emotional Online Assessment Tool

June 24, 2016

Big news from the folks at Apperson. This week Apperson is announcing major upgrades to their Evo social and emotional online assessment tool. The new version is called Evo SEL 2.0 and features a fresh new look. It includes streamlined functions and is faster and easier for educators to screen students for social and emotional competencies. Research shows social and emotional learning programs certainly have a positive impact on students’ academic performance and lifelong success.

The term SEL is more than a buzzword. SEL is certainly an important component of every school’s goals this year. So if you are looking for a way to bring a baseline and assessment into your goals this year, you’ll certainly want to check out this opportunity.

Social and Emotional Assessment

Evo Social and Emotional Online Assessment ToolWhat’s new in the Evo SEL 2.0 the social and emotional online assessment tool?

Updates to Evo SEL 2.0 also include an updated administrator dashboard, simpler navigation and fewer clicks for users. You’ll find an expanded list of intervention strategies and easier ways to create reports. Evo SEL 2.0 lets teachers use the Apperson platform to administer the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) and the DESSA Mini universal screeners to quickly measure students’ social and emotional competencies. Apperson’s Evo Social & Emotional assessment was also a winner in the 2016 AAP REVERE Awards for social-emotional and character learning.

Learn more about Evo SEL 2.0 by visiting Apperson’s website!

If this is a topic that sparks your interest, take a look at this online course from Chrissy Romano!

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