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Bring Computer Programming to Your School with Tynker

November 16, 2015

Computer programming is an essential skill for students working towards college and career readiness.  I’ve shared lots of coding apps for kids and Tynker is certainly one of my favorites.  Tynker is a fantastic tool for educators that makes computer programming fun for students in grades 3-8.  Tynker helps students develop 21st century computational thinking and computer programming skills in a fun, intuitive and imaginative way.  Teachers can also makes it easy to introduce computer programming to their students and doesn’t require educators to have prior programming experience.

Computer Programming with Tynker

Bring Computer Programming to Your School with TynkerTynker’s game-based programming platform mixes learning and fun to engage students in interactive activities that take them beyond the typical learning environment. The curriculum fosters critical thinking and creates practical problem solving opportunities. Tynker’s online learning system lets students move at their own pace.

Kids certainly learn through interactive tutorials, puzzles, and code challenges.  In Tynker’s virtual classroom, students focus on a “watch-learn-do” cycle of learning programming concepts. Then they apply these skills to practical DIY projects at the end of each module.

Learn more about Tynker for School by visiting Sunburst’s website!

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