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Playground Physics App from the New York Hall of Science

November 14, 2015

The New York Hall of Science has a handful of apps for students including the Playground Physics app.  Designed for middle and high school students, Playground Physics helps users explore physics in the real world.  Students record a video of someone moving and tap points to trace a path of motion.

Physics App

Playground Physics App from the New York Hall of ScienceWith the Playground Physics app students can take their own videos or use stock videos to trace paths of motion.  Users can add measurements to their video to gather data about their performance.  Teachers can sign up for a free account to access lesson plans and discover ways to use Playground Physics in their classroom.  Whether you’re looking to introduce students to new concepts or help them connect coursework to the real world, Playground Physics is worth checking out.

Learn more by visiting Playground Physics on the Apple App Store!

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