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4 iPad Apps for Learning Letter Sounds

November 13, 2015

The iPad is a fantastic tool for supporting student learning.  It provides an opportunity for children to interact with content in a completely new way.  These letter sound apps focus on supporting students as they master the sounds that letters make.  Beyond naming and identifying each letter, the goal of these apps is to cultivate foundational reading skills.

Learning Letter Sounds

Phonics and Letter Sounds School Free to download with extras to purchase, Phonics and Letter Sound School is a colorful iPad app that teaches students this skill.  In addition to helping students master the sound of each letter, Phonics and Letter Sounds School includes matching letters activities, and the option to trace uppercase and lowercase letters.

abcPocketPhonics This comprehensive iPad app lets students interact with the sounds letters make.  This app groups each letter sound together so students understand how to blend them to sound out words.  There are over 30 letter sounds in this app, including ‘sh’ and ‘ch.’

Intro to Letters, by Montessorium Montessorium has a handful of apps for young learners.  Intro to Letters is a powerful iPad app that asks students to trace letters, record the sounds of letters, and interact with the alphabet.  The clean and crisp interface of this app is easy to navigate and highly recommended.

Montessori Letter Sounds This app gives students access to a handful of different learning activities.  Designed for different age levels, it will move students towards an understanding of letter sounds.  Montessori Letter Sounds also comes in different languages, making it a fun choice for students exploring Spanish, French and German too.

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