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Drawp for School & The Four Cs: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration & Creativity

November 10, 2015

Earlier this year I shared Drawp for School, an engaging tool for sharing and collaboration in tech-friendly classrooms.  It lets teachers send assignments to students and collect their finished product.  Kids can work together on interactive projects using Drawp for School on their tablet.  This tool is iPad, Android, Windows tablet, Chromebook and Mac friendly and can be used in different subject areas.

Collaboration & Creativity

Drawp for School & The Four CsThe folks at Drawp for School recently shared a blog post that covers some of the ways their workflow platform supports higher order thinking.  The First C is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving because Drawp allows students to illustrate difficult concepts and show their work.  Next is Communication since Drawp lets students communicate with text, images and voice recording.  The third C is Collaboration thanks to Drawp’s swipe-to-share feature that promotes students working together.  The last C is Creativity since Drawp gives students access to drawing features, photo integration and voice stickers.

Learn more about Drawp for School by visiting their website!

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