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English Language Arts Media-Rich Curriculum from StudySync

November 9, 2015

StudySync® is a media-rich curriculum for middle and high school educators.  It uses the power of digital tools to offer a variety of media that speaks to the way students interact with the world.  It also includes video introductions and modeling of topics as well as social media-like critical thinking exercises.

Media-Rich Curriculum

English Language Arts Multimedia Resources from StudySyncDesigned for students in grades 6-12, StudySync® certainly provides an engaging core curriculum for English Language Arts instruction.  StudySync® TV lessons include movie-like trailers for each text that engage students from the start.  The TV episodes model academic discussion and collaboration for students. They even use peer narrators to guide students toward mastery of key reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills.

Watch a StudySync® TV episode and sign up for a free trial!

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