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3 Public Speaking Apps: Helpful Tools for Students

November 7, 2015

Speaking to groups large and small can be a challenge for students of any age.  Children who are well prepared are bound to be more confident when a public speaking assignment comes their way.  Technology tools can support students as they work on their speeches and practice speaking aloud.  These Public Speaking Apps are perfect for setting students up for success before their next public speaking opportunity arises.

Public Speaking Apps

Keynote (Free on newer iPads)  Keynote is a fantastic iPad app that empowers student presenters.  With this app students can create a slide-based presentation full of images, text, videos and graphics.  When it comes to public speaking, Keynote on the iPad let students practice anywhere they have their tablet by their side.  It also contains an area for presenter notes that can be displayed as students give their presentation.

Popplet (Paid and Free version)  Students getting ready for public speaking will love the flexibility of Popplet.  This mindmapping app lets users create a plan for just about anything.  Students can use this tool to gather ideas for a speech around a particular topic or organize heir thinking on different talking points.  It’s easy to use and lets kids combine text, images and illustrations related to their speech.

PromptSmart Pro (Paid and Free version)  PromptSmartPro is a very neat iPad app that turns your device into a teleprompter.  Kids can type or copy and paste their speech into this app.  They have the ability to control the speed and size of the text on their screen.  When they’re ready to start, students will watch the text scroll across the screen of their iPad just like a news reporter’s teleprompter.

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