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Wonder Workshop STEM-Based Interactive Early Learning

November 6, 2015

Wonder Workshop is a STEM-based interactive early learning experience that introduces coding to K-5 learners.  They have also partnered with the folks at Sunburst Digital. Now they offer three programs for K-12: Wonder Pilot, Wonder Class 24, and Wonder Class 30.

Interactive Early Learning

Wonder Workshop STEM-Based Interactive Early Learning ExperienceThe Wonder Pilot program provides K-5 classrooms with three sets of Dash & Dot robots, the software apps and a Wonder Teacher Kit, including the curriculum and accessories needed for small group instruction.  They recommend a ratio of one robot set for every three pupils in a class or small group.  With the Wonder Pilot program, Sunburst Digital includes 30 standards-based lessons that highlight Math, Science and specific ELA skills.

Visit Sunburst Digital’s website to learn more about Wonder Pilot, Wonder Class 24 and also Wonder Class 30!

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