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TELL Test of English Language Learning: Tablet-Based Assessment

November 5, 2015

Earlier this year Pearson launched TELL (Test of English Language Learning), a tablet-based assessment.  It was developed to support schools as they work with English Language Learners (ELLs) to build English language skills. TELL uses automated scoring technology to give teachers quick access to formative assessment data.  This information also helps district leaders by giving them the data they need to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

English Language Learning

TELL Test of English Language Learning: Tablet-Based AssessmentTELL is an interactive assessment experience where students watch video clips, interact with pictures and words, and answer questions out loud and in writing.  Kids provide summaries of text they read, respond to oral prompts, and engage with language in a variety of ways. They listen, write, read and speak in authentic contexts, just as they need to be able to do to in English-only instruction settings.  TELL can be used with just one student at a time, a small to large group, or for whole-class administration at the school or district level.

Visit Pearson’s website to learn more about TELL (Test of English Language Learning)!

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