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Sparky’s Brain Busters App: Lesson Plan, Resources & Videos

September 18, 2015

I’ve shared some of the great resources from the National Fire Protection Association and you’ll want to check out some of their new, totally free learning tools for students.  The brand new Sparky’s Brain Busters app is available on iTunes for iOS devices and Amazon for Android.  Learning about fire prevention is so important.  This colorful, animated app presents trivia questions to students in five different categories.  It gives kids a chance to play a game while learning about fire prevention.

Brain Busters App

Sparky's Brain Busters App: Lesson Plan, Resources & VideosThe NFPA also has a terrific website that includes videos and lesson plans.  Teachers can access lesson plans, downloadable PDF eBooks and find lots of useful information.  Whether you’re looking for activities for a fire safety unit or simply want to integrate this topic into your existing curriculum, and the new Sparky’s Brain Busters app for iOS and Amazon Android are totally worth exploring!

Watch the Sparky app trailer here or visit to learn more!

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