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National Fire Prevention Week and NFPA Educational Resources

October 7, 2017

Did you know? October is Fire Prevention Month and next week marks the beginning of Fire Prevention Week (October 8th – 14th). Ready to incorporate Fire Prevention Week and Month into your classroom? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has lots of resources. This includes new items in 2017 – even a brand new app for kids for 2017 Fire Prevention Week.

The folks at NFPA have exclusive fire prevention week materials for teachers and families. These materials are designed to help children understand fire safety. All materials are geared towards preschool through primary elementary school aged kids. Fire prevention education is essential for students no matter where you live or how old you are. A team compiled the resources for Fire Prevention Month and Fire Prevention Week. They made sure the resources were accessible and engaging for students.

National Fire Prevention Week and NFPA Educational Resources

Sparky Schoolhouse has lots of resources for students including videos, printable activities, and resources for helping students and their families design a fire safety plan. You’ll also find letters to send home (in both English and Spanish) as well as plenty of other content to dive into. I like how this website includes videos that spotlight the history of putting out fires, which is a great option for making connections to topics you might be studying during other parts of the school day.



In addition to the resources mentioned above, Sparky’s Fun House game is web based resource to help students learn about fire prevention. There are also lots of great mobile apps on this site too, including the Sparky Brain Busters app. These resources are perfect for sharing with families. They can serve as extensions to the conversations you have about fire safety inside the classroom. Not only are their plenty of shareable resources related to Fire Prevention Month and Fire Prevention Week, you can find more resources to share with students and families at

Ready for October? Make sure to add these Fire Prevention Month and Fire Prevention Week resources to your list while compiling resources!

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