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Math Comics App from Yamie Chess

February 3, 2015

Yamie Chess is a math learning resource that supports elementary and middle school students.  You might be familiar with their board game that helps students learn math skills while playing chess.   Working with both U.S. chess masters and math educators, Yamie Chess has created a set of comic books for students that are used to teach math concepts. This math comics app is now available for students.

Math Comics App

yamie-chess-math-comics-ebooksThese comic books take students on an adventure while introducing a variety of math skills.  They will learn about geometry, equations, and number sense as they turn the page.  Students who love math will like the combination of cartoon characters and storytelling.  Children who love fantasy stories will learn math skills as they turn each page.  Yamie Chess will be available on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Google Play in early 2015.

Visit their website to learn more!

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