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Online Resource: National Geographic Kids

Online Resource: National Geographic Kids for Multimedia and Informational Text

National Geographic has a handful of apps for students including Weird But True, National Parks, Underground Railroad, and Marine Missions.  In addition to these great choices for tablets, their website National Geographic Kids is a terrific resource for students and teachers. National Geographic Kids has games, articles, pictures and more for kids of all ages to explore.  It can be used to incorporate informational text or multimedia into a whole class… Read Article →

Disney Magic Timer Home & Classroom Use

Disney Magic Timer: Home & Classroom Use

Designed to help children develop healthy habits when brushing their teeth, Disney Magic Timer can be used in the classroom for a variety of purposes.  This free app could be linked to a unit on staying healthy by encouraging good hygiene and establishing routines. You might also find that this app is a useful tool for transitions, class work or anytime you might normally use a timer as a classroom… Read Article →

Watch Science Videos on iPads

Using videos in the classroom is a great way to get students excited about a new lesson, build background knowledge and make them curious about the world around them.  I’ve shared a long list of apps for streaming videos and Science Channel is another great choice for accessing clips.  This app lets you view programs including Through the Wormhole, How It’s Made, and many more. Here are a few lesson… Read Article →

Explore Shakespeare on iPads

Explore Shakespeare from Cambridge University Press is a wonderful app for teachers and students working with these classics.  Users can see pictures from different productions, tap on different lines of dialogue for clarification, and even listen to audio performances. This app lets you sample a few different selections before purchasing individual plays. Here are some lessons for teaching English Language Arts with mobile devices!

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Grammaropolis for ELA Practice on iPads, Android and Chromebooks

A wonderful introduction to grammar topics, Grammaropolis will get students excited about different parts of speech. With this app kids can access videos, music and tons of resources. The free version gives you all of the content related to nouns.  In order to access the other parts of speech (verbs, adjectives, etc.) require in app purchases.  Grammaropolis is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and as a… Read Article →

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Math Formula App: MathsRulz Quick Reference

  A fantastic resource for students of all ages, MathsRulz gives kids quick access to formulas.  This completely free math formula app includes definitions and examples for area, perimeter and more.  This is a great study resource for students using an iOS device as a resource. The MathsRulz math formula app includes plenty of examples to help students better understand how to apply math formulas.  Students can also take a… Read Article →

23 Virtual Tools for Tablets (all free!)

A great way to capture the attention of your students is to introducethese virtual tools.  If they are bored with traditional flashcards, post-its or math manipulatives try out one of the virtual tools on our list: MyScript Calculator (calculator) Coordinate Grid for iPads (graph paper) Reading a Ruler on iPads (ruler) Base 10 Blocks (math manipulatives) iPad Lab Timer for Experiments (lab timer) Thesaurus Reference Tool (thesaurus) iPad Measurement Tools… Read Article →

PBS on iPads View Video Content on Your Tablet

PBS on iPads: View Video Content on Your Tablet

Use the PBS iPad app to find multimedia for your classroom! This easy-to-use app is perfect for videos and short clips. You can search, view and share the multimedia you find with students. There are lots of great resources for teachers looking to stream video content (here’s my long list) and another to add to your list is PBS’s fantastic app.  Users can access full length episodes and clips of… Read Article →

Interactive Science Glossary for iPads Two Awesome Apps for Students

Interactive Science Glossary for iPads: Two Awesome Apps for Students

Interactive Science Glossary: Earth Science and Interactive Science Glossary: Life Science are two fantastic resources for the science classroom.  These completely free interactive science glossaries are a great tool for teachers and students. With videos, diagrams and flashcards, you’ll find that these apps are great study tools.  The tutorials can also be shared with students straight from your device during whole class instruction or for small groups that need extra help. Click the… Read Article →

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Track Conferences with Stream Reading on iOS

If you’re looking for a way to track conferences with your mobile device, check out Stream Reading.  Designed for both iPhone and iPad users this app  lets teachers easily manage reading reports and organize student data.  You can record audio of a student reading using your device’s microphone and  document what happened when you met with the student for a conference. Stream Reading helps users keep track of when they… Read Article →