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10 Must-Have Free Math Apps

November 27, 2013

There are tons of fantastic math apps for iPads. Math and technology are a great pair together for a good reason! For teachers looking to use technology to teach math in their classrooms, math apps are a great place to start. There are thousands of math apps available so it can be daunting to start downloading new apps to try in your classroom. I’ve gathered together reviews of my favorite free math apps to try first.

10 Best Free Math Apps

If you’re looking for free math apps for the classroom, here are ten you should download today! These math apps focus on teaching math skills, computer programmings skills, geometry and more.

  1. Virtual Base 10 Blocks
  2. Meerkat Math Fact Fun
  3. Hopscotch for Coding
  4. Math Champ Challenge
  5. MyScript Calculator10 Must-Have Free Math Apps 1
  6. Learning to Round on iPads
  7. Long Division iPad App
  8. Math vs Zombies for Fluency
  9. Coordinate Grid for iPads
  10. No More Rubber Bands: Virtual Geoboard

Steps to take before using Math Apps in Your Classroom

  1. Download and try out the app before you use it in the classroom. Make sure you’re familiar with the app and can help students use it.
  2. Use the app from your students’ perspective. What problems does it solve? What problems does the math app create you need to solve?
  3. What accompanying materials can you use in your classroom to extend on the lessons taught by this math app? Apps are a great compliment for learning but not a replacement for well-thought out lesson planning.
  4. After using the app, how can you students continue their learning? Will they continue use of the math app at home?

Asking yourself these questions when trying out new math apps for your classroom can help you asses whether apps are a good fit for your classroom needs and if the app will contribute to your class’ math learning.

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