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iPad Protractor for Your Math Classroom

May 6, 2013

image (19)There are lots of great tools for the iPad and another to add to your list is the free Protractor app. This iPad Protractor is perfect for teaching different types of angles and a great preview for students before using the real thing.  Have students place objects or cut outs of shapes on their iPad screen to measure angles!

iPad Protractor

When might an iPad protractor come in handy? It’s a great way for students to interact with an important math tool as they explore different angles. This app puts a protractor in the fingertips of students who are using iOS devices like an iPad or iPhone.

Students can also take a screenshot of a measurement they make using the app and add it to another tool. For example, you might ask students to measure an obtuse angle and take a screenshot within the iPad protractor app. Then students can add the image to another tool like a page in Book Creator or the background of an Explain Everything screencast, the possibilities are endless!

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