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Newly Redesigned Kiddom 2.0 – Centralized Platform to Monitor Student Performance

How do you monitor student performance and make a plan for future instruction? I’m so excited to share the newly redesigned Kiddom platform which has just been released to the public! Earlier this year I featured Kiddom on my site including their free blended learning guide for educators. It’s so exciting to see how this platform has been redesigned to better meet the needs of students and teachers.
Kiddom enhanced its platform dramatically by drawing upon field research and feedback from teachers. They were able to identify how inadequate tools and ineffective processes were hindering the learning process in classrooms. Kiddom 2.0 addresses teacher concerns by providing educators with a centralized platform. In this newly redesigned space educators can access a variety of dimensions about student performance. The team at Kiddom have added over 50 features to the new 2.0 version of their platform.

6 Highlights from the Redesigned Kiddom Platform

  • New Planner: ability to design personalized curriculum, to stay in sync with student needs
  • Better Reports: streamlined analytics to understand student performance
  • More Student Ownership: students now have the ability to track their own progress
  • More Customization: teachers can customize content, grading and analytics according to their classrooms
  • Increased Collaboration: teachers can collaborate with other teachers, administrators, and parents to amplify sharing of information throughout the school community
  • Complete Redesign: a major redesign focused on functionality and usability, developed with educator feedback

If you’re a regular follower of, you know how I’m passionate about educational technology tools that support meaningful formative assessment (aka #FormativeTech). Kiddom 2.0 for both teachers and students is now redesigned and ready for your classroom. It can help educators can plan, assess and analyze data in their classroom easier than ever thanks to updates made with research and educator feedback.

Learn more by visiting Kiddom’s website!

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