scannable technology

QR Codes: Pushing the Narrative on Scannables

The first time that I tried to scan a quick response (QR) code, I held my iPhone up to a poster on the subway. I was underground without any cell service, and I didn’t know that there was such as thing as a QR code reader app. All I knew was that my camera had […]

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Shomi Links: Scannable Technology for Teachers

I’m a huge fan of scannable technology because it makes it easy for students to access material you’ve handpicked for them to view.  Shomi is a tool that lets users create a font based link reminiscent of a QR code.  Teachers can make Shomi links and students can scan with the Shomi app.  Because Shomi […]

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i-Skool Learning in Motion on Mobile Devices

I’ve shared lots of reasons why I’m a fan of QR codes.  i-Skool is a project that incorporates scannable technology and puts learning in motion.  Its goal is to enhance brain activity. This can happen by getting kids on their feet as they practice cognitive skills.  Teachers create a quiz with an item connected to […]

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