problem solving

Sphero Robots in the Classroom: Back-to-School Special

A few years ago I was introduced to the amazing Sphero robots… and my wheels started turning. From the minute I held one of the early iterations in my hand, I could tell that there was great potential for teaching and learning with these little robots.  Fast forward to today. Sphero now has lesson plans, […]

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Coding in the Classroom with Avokiddo Apps for Kids

I love the Hour of Code and how students across the world celebrate coding at the end of each calendar year. Regular readers know that I love to spotlight seasonal topics, but I sometimes worry that isolating terrific resources to a month or a week makes it seem like they don’t have a regular place […]

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Busy Shapes App Grow Reasoning Skills with iPad Exploration

I love apps that promote critical thinking and problem solving.  Busy Shapes app is a great example of an iPad app that pushes students to think outside the box. This can definitely happen from an early age.  Designed for children two years and older, Busy Shapes asks students to move simple objects across their screen […]

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