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Sphero Robots in the Classroom: Back-to-School Special

A few years ago I was introduced to the amazing Sphero robots… and my wheels started turning. From the minute I held one of the early iterations in my hand, I could tell that there was great potential for teaching and learning with these little robots. 

Fast forward to today. Sphero now has lesson plans, professional learning resources, and materials ready for every classroom interested in the power of robotics. With a Sphero Hero program for teachers, ready-to-use activity ideas, and so much more, I’ve followed along as Sphero robots have landed in classrooms with students of all ages.

As an Apple Distinguished Educator, I’ve made amazing connections with teachers across the country who use Sphero in their classrooms. In addition to hearing stories with cross-curricular learning experiences and partner classrooms, I’ve had the chance to see it in action too. I’ve visited students participating in this lesson from Dr. Courtney Pepe in New Jersey and watched as students programed robots to compete in a joust in a New York gymnasium. 

If you haven’t heard of Sphero of before, they are the folks behind the leading robot used in classrooms across the world. The Sphero absolutely fits in my “tasks before apps” mindset. It’s a tool you can use in lots of different learning experiences. I’ve used Sphero robots before and can vouch for how intuitive they are. In addition to their wonderful resources for educators, I’m sure you’ll dream up lots of ways to use them with students too!

Sphero robots are perfect for teaching coding in the classroom through engaging, cross-curricular learning expierences for students of all ages.

Back-to-School with Sphero

The possibilities are endless, and I’m so excited to partner with Sphero to share their back-to-school promotions. Here are the details:

  • If you purchase a BOLT 15 Pack, you’ll get 50% off Sphero Fundamentals course
  • Or if you purchase a BOLT Power Pack, you’ll get 15% off Code Mat + activity cards 

The Sphero BOLT 15 Pack is available exclusively for educators. It includes 15 BOLT robots at a discount from the individual purchase price. When you purchase this during the back-to-school season, you’ll also get 50% off the Sphero Fundamentals course. Sphero Fundamentals in a professional learning course you can move through at your own pace. It takes you through everything you’ll need to know to get started with Sphero in the classroom.

The Sphero BOLT Power Pack takes the 15 Pack to another level. The folks at Sphero describe it as “the top of the line kit for educators using the Sphero Edu program in a classroom, robotics club, or in any maker environment you can dream up.” And I totally agree! This kit can be a game-changer for STEM-friendly classrooms.

Sphero Robots in the Classroom

With Sphero BOLT, students can start out with Draw and Drive programming and gradually move through a series of more complex coding experiences. This option makes it an excellent choice for teachers with little to no experience with coding in the classroom. Teachers can build their knowledge alongside students too. 

If your school invests in the BOLT Power Pack, you’ll also have access to extras like Turbo Covers, Maze Tape, and Protractors. It comes in a carrying case on rollers with a retractable handle. So if you are using Sphero BOLTs in classrooms across a school or district, it’s already set up for educators on the move.

Getting Started with Coding

In a blog post earlier this year, I shared some of the reasons I love the resources from Sphero. They make adding robotics and coding into your classroom very doable. So I’m excited that they’re offering the Sphero Fundamentals program at a discount to anyone who purchases a BOLT 15 Pack. It takes you through the Draw, Blocks, and Text types of programming. This special professional learning resource includes ideas for classroom applications for robotics across grade levels and content areas.

Sphero robots are perfect for teaching coding in the classroom through engaging, cross-curricular learning expierences for students of all ages.

Educators who purchase the BOLT Power Pack will also receive a discount on the Code Mat and Activity Cards for students. The Sphero Code Mat is a two-sided mat that comes with three sets of Activity Cards. The folks at Sphero were kind enough to send some my way so I could check them out. Designed with collaborative learning experiences in mind, the Activity Cards can offer over 40 hours worth of skill-building experiences for students.

With tens of thousands of educators using Sphero tools with students, this resource for empowering students of all ages is definitely worth checking out. Is infusing creativity and problem-solving skills into your instruction a priority this year? Then head over to Sphero’s website! You can check out the special deals for the BOLT 15 Pack and the BOLT Power Pack!

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