iPad stand

An Awesome iPad Case for Students with Keyboard and Trackpad

Are you using iPads with students this year? Today, I’m typing this blog post using my new Rugged Combo 3 Touch iPad case. It has a fantastic keyboard (and trackpad) built into the case of my iPad. In this blog post, I’ll share an iPad case for students. This case has a keyboard, trackpad, and […]

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Why Using a Protective Case is Important (feat. Rug-Ed)

Do you use a protective case on student iPads? As a teacher, keeping student devices intact was one of my many classroom management challenges. In my classroom, we had a routine for taking devices out of the cart and bringing them to a learning space. Whether students were sitting side-by-side on the rug, or working […]

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Hands-Free Tablet Stand from Calloway House

Technology has become an important part of today’s classrooms. Many teachers, administrators, and students are incorporating the use of new programs, apps, audio, and visual resources into learning. The popularity of these new methods and programs for teaching and engaging with students has paved the way for iPad and tablet use in the classroom. Looking […]

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