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Hands-Free Tablet Stand from Calloway House

November 19, 2015

Technology has become an important part of today’s classrooms. Many teachers, administrators, and students are incorporating the use of new programs, apps, audio, and visual resources into learning. The popularity of these new methods and programs for teaching and engaging with students has paved the way for iPad and tablet use in the classroom. Looking for a tablet stand? Here is one you will certainly want to check out.

Hands-Free Tablet Stand

Hands-Free Tablet Stand from Calloway HouseThe team at Calloway House offers a product that can be used when incorporating an iPad or tablet into your classroom education. This product is called the Hands-Free Tablet Stand and provides users with the ability to hold and adjust their tablet during presentations and classroom assignments. This stand allows teachers to use their hands. They can engage with the audience during a lesson. Or students can make use of a tablet for small group activities.

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