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An iPad Bluetooth Keyboard and Surface Laptop SE Case

How do you keep your school devices safe? As a fifth-grade teacher, I taught in a one-to-one classroom where every student had an iPad. Although I’d like to think my students and I were very careful with our devices, it didn’t stop a few slips, drops, and oh-nos during the school year. This is where an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard or Surface Laptop SE Case can come in handy.

If your students use iPads or Surface tablets in your classroom or take them home every day, you’ll want to check out these cases from Urban Armor Gear (UAG). They are designed for rugged environments to ensure devices stay safe while students work throughout the school day. Not only are they super durable, but the iPad case has a Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad to make sure students have everything they need for a successful school day.

Let’s jump into the fantastic features of the UAG Rugged 10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad and the Plyo Series for Microsoft Surface Laptop SE!

10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case (with Trackpad!)

The UAG Rugged 10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad is ready for all elements and perfect for a classroom setting. It was initially intended for anyone to buy, and you can still pick up just one for yourself if you want to try it out. Of course, in a classroom setting, having durable cases is so important. But the Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad make it perfect for all sorts of learning experiences. 

Students can make the most of the portability and accessibility of having an iPad while getting access to a keyboard and trackpad that may be useful for specific tasks. You can learn more about the UAG Rugged 10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad on this page.

6 Reasons to Check out the UAG Rugged 10.2” iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad

Although this link will take you to a complete overview of all of the UAG Rugged 10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad features, here are six highlights that make it an excellent choice for a classroom setting.

8ft Drop Protection

Hopefully, you won’t need eight feet of drop protection, but knowing this case can withstand that high of a fall is certainly a great feature.

Easy to Clean

This case is easy to clean and medical wipe-certified. The case can be wiped down with any medical cleaning solution (even ones used in hospitals) without damaging the case.

Bright Back-Lit Keys

For students who need extra support or kids working in the corner of a library, the keyboard lights up in seven colors and three brightness levels.

Spill-Resistant Keyboard

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I love having a cup of tea on my desk – a cup of breakfast tea is sitting next to me as I write this. Technology users of all ages, including your students, will appreciate the spill-resistant keyboard.

Detachable Device Case

One of the things that makes an iPad great is its portability. So having the choice to detach the keyboard is a fantastic feature of the UAG Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad.

USB-C Charging

I love that this iPad case makes it easy to charge. It comes with a charging cable, but you may already have a few USB-C cables in your classroom or office that make it easy to keep the case charged.

Surface Case for Schools


Do you use Surface Tablets, Chromebooks or Laptops in the classroom? As a classroom teacher, I had iPads in my classroom, but I’ve become a big fan of the Microsoft devices, too! The team at Urban Armor Gear also has a case for these devices.

Here’s a great option for the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE. It’s called the Plyo Series for Microsoft Surface Laptop SE cases on this page. Just like the UAG Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad case for iPads, it has many great features that make it an excellent choice for schools and districts. It meets Military drop-test standards, has corner protection, and is medical-grade wipe tested, too.

Ready to check out these fantastic cases? Head to this page to learn more about the UAG Rugged 10.2″ iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad and the Plyo Series for Microsoft Surface Laptop SE. If you click on this link, you’ll find information for enterprise purchases in case your school or district would like to explore a bulk order.

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