Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students

Write About is a digital writing platform for classrooms with the mission of making writing fun and sharing easy. Looking to provide students with an authentic audience for their writing in a safe community? Write About is certainly sure to keep children engaged. Writing Platform Created by educators, Write About includes thousands of visual Ideas to spark every genre of […]

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Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVY

SOLVY is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers and schools.  With SOLVY students can access math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers.  Teachers can assign exercises for students based on their interest and needs. They’ll receive notifications when students require extra support based on their homework performance. Online Math Homework […]

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Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!

Frolyc is a terrific platform for K-12 teachers and students and an app for Chromebooks.  It lets users easily design interactive activities without the need to understand coding. In addition to their iPad app for students, Frolyc has now launched a browser-based app for students to interact with on Chromebooks, Macs and PCs. Browser-Based App for […]

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Student creativity in the classroom can facilitate successful learning. Incorporating the creative process into lessons enhances engagement, increases retention, and encourages communication. Students of all ages benefit from a clear demonstration of a lesson. Comprehension can be strengthened when creativity is incorporated. gives students the tools to combine imagination with information through a fun […]

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Explain Everything on Chromebooks for Students

You can now use Explain Everything on Chromebooks in your classroom! One of my favorite mobile apps to share with tablet teachers is Explain Everything.  This powerful screencasting tool lets students record their thinking using audio, drawing and a variety of features. When I present to teachers on digital storytelling, apps for content area instruction, and must-have tools […]

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Personalized Digital Learning with Istation Math

Istation Math uses game-like formative assessments and an adaptive online curriculum to address the needs of individual students.  This personalized digital learning platform can screen students in your class to identify the areas where they need extra help.  Through interactive lessons with guided and independent practice, students can certainly work to master foundational math skills. Using […]

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Cashtivity: Bring Entrepreneurship Education to Your Classroom

Entrepreneurship education provides students with an introduction to skills that can be applied in the real world.  By engaging in tasks that connect to their everyday life, students will see a purpose for the math instruction, group work, and presentation skills that are woven throughout K-12 curriculum.  Cashtivity is a fantastic, free online tool for teachers looking […]

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Otus Plus LMS Web Platform and New Features

I’m excited to share with you a sneak peak of the learning management system (LMS) from Otus Plus.  The redesigned Otus LMS Web Platform is now live and brings the power of the iPad app to web browsers.  This LMS is adaptable to different teaching styles and perfect for one-to-one classrooms.  This new web-based platform, and […]

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Virtual Base 10 Blocks: Endless Manipulatives and Annotation!

I’ve shared some of my favorite virtual tools for the iPad. One fantastic free app I love is Number Pieces. This app simulates base ten blocks. It lets students manipulate the pieces and annotate their screen. These virtual base 10 blocks are perfect for supporting students in the classroom. Virtual Base 10 Blocks Students can take screenshots of […]

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Splash Math Summer Program Summer Slide Prevention

As teachers and families kick off summer vacation, let’s pause. It’s important to think about how students will continue to grow their skills over their break from school. Summer Slide Prevention is crucial! Splash Math offers an online summer program. It is designed to help students maintain their math gains and prepare for the upcoming school year. […]

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