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Money App for Teaching Values and Relationships

February 10, 2016

In the past few years I’ve shared some of my favorite apps from The Math Learning Center. Their new Money app helps students visualize and understand money values and relationships. Versions of the app are available for web browsers as well as downloads for Apple, Windows, and Chrome devices. Money Pieces provides students two versions of coins and bills: virtual currency pieces that replicate the appearance and relative size of U.S. coins and the dollar bill, and area money pieces that represent a penny as one square unit.

Money App for Education

Money Pieces App for Teaching Values and RelationshipsUsing the area model, students can manipulate nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars on the screen. In addition to teaching them about coin values, the model allows them to compute with fractions and decimals. Students can use the math text tool to write equations, and the drawing tool to annotate their work and demonstrate understanding. The Money Pieces app offers open-ended opportunities to investigate values and solve multi-step problems.

Visit The Math Learning Center’s website to see Money Pieces in action!

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