BoardShare is an Instant Smart Wall for Classrooms

BoardShare is a completely portable device. This turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Students and teachers can take notes on the virtual whiteboard. It has the ability to save, edit, print, and email these notes.  BoardShare gives you the ability to interact with and annotate any document. You can also annotate a website, or software […]

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Shutterfly Photo Story for Classrooms

Shutterfly Photo Story is an awesome free app for iPads that is great for creating authentic learning experiences for students.  It lets students in all grade levels create self-published photo books that are customizable. They can apply what they have learned in the classroom through a hands-on, project-based learning experience. 
Shutterfly Photo Story allows students […]

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Cognitive Skills Assessment for PreK Students from Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an online curriculum for preschool through kindergarten aged children.  It includes activities in language and literacy, math, social studies and science, art, and music.  Mobile access makes it easy for children to view content on any device. This is whether they are at home or in the classroom. This assessment for PreK […]

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Drawp for School Chromebook App for Teachers

This year I’ve shared Drawp for School, a wonderful workflow management app for iPads and Android tablets.  Now Chromebook users can use this classroom tool by downloading the Chromebook app directly from the Chrome Web Store.  Teachers can now use the same creation, workflow, and storage capabilities of the Drawp for School mobile app on this Chromebook […]

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DigiPuppets Tablet Toy for Interactive Game Play

DigiPuppets is a new educational toy and app company that combines a simple, classic toy with interactive apps to tell powerful stories that teach.  DigiPuppets are classic finger puppets with a twist – they work on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.  Kids pop Honey Bunny, or Zip the Zebra, on their finger and then tap […]

Read More for Common Core Educational Resources is the world’s largest K-12 educational resource library for Common Core Educational Resources. It contains over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans.  Teachers can access content with alignment to every standard. Including Common Core Math, Language Arts, Literacy and Next Generation Science standard. It lets users easily find and assign resources from OpenEd’s […]

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New from Happy Numbers: K-2 Math Exercises

You may have seen my post last year on Happy Numbers. It’s an online learning tool for K-2 students. This tool introduces a variety of math concepts through math exercises.  Happy Numbers has added a handful of new exercises that you’ll want to check out.  These new activities build upon the current exercises to help […]

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Mobile Parent Communication (with Students) from Tocomail

Looking for a Mobile Parent Communication tool? With Tocomail teachers can effectively create a walled garden class communication environment as they manage and monitor student communication.  Tocomail is also a great option for communication outside of classroom.  The families of your students can practice digital literacy skills at home by setting up parent accounts.  Parents can […]

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Promote Student Engagement with imakiku

Looking to Promote Student Engagement this school year? imakiku turns students from passive listeners into engaged learners by leveraging mobile technology.  It enables real-time voting, posting and survey capabilities via smartphones, tablets or laptops.  Before class time, teachers can create questions for students with possible answers.  Once class starts, students can use the participation code (or scan a QR code) […]

Read More for K-2 Digital Curriculum

Science4Us is a K-2 Digital Curriculum. This program connects to standards, and digital science experiences.  This program is based on the 5E inquiry-based instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.  Teachers can decide how to deliver material.  This program is flexible enough for whole group lesson, small groups or one on one instruction.  It includes embedded teacher support […]

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