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JFK Centennial Leadership Lessons from Apple Education

May 29, 2017

Today marks the centennial of President John F. Kennedy’s birth. The team at Apple Education has curated an amazing set of resources from the JFK Library and Museum that are perfect for classroom exploration. These leadership lessons are designed to help educators inspire students around the world to become leaders in their own community.

JFK Centennial Leadership Lessons

Apple Education’s page of leadership lessons and activities for teachers and students was just released today! Within this special collection you’ll find four big categories that celebrate President Kennedy’s life: Service, Courage, Innovation, and Inclusion. In each section there are resources to learn more about JFK’s accomplishments in each area as well as resources connected to these big themes.

If you are teaching leadership in any capacity you’ll want to explore these fantastic resources from the JFK Library and Museum shared by Apple Education. You might decide to connect JFK’s Inaugural Address to a lesson on public speaking in a debate class, or ask students to dive into an excerpt from Profiles in Courage in an English Language Arts class. Students of all ages can participate in the “moonshot” activity which leverages the power of GarageBand to help students capture their innovative ideas.

JFK Centennial Leadership Lessons from Apple Education

In addition to the leadership lesson ideas connected to each theme, Apple Education’s new website with JFK Centennial resources also includes a special curated collection of movies, documentaries, podcasts, books, apps, music, and more to celebrate the centennial of President Kennedy’s birth. This is a fantastic spot to find clips from PBS specials, iTunes U courses, and podcasts around the life of JFK. I especially love the playlist of songs inspired or connected to President Kennedy – playing one of these songs to a group of students can spark a discussion on the lasting impact of JFK’s life.

Whether you are looking for a leadership lesson to share with students at the end of the school year, connecting to a specific curriculum goal in a unit on American History or simply want to celebrate the life of President Kennedy with your students, you’ll definitely want to check out this fantastic collection from Apple Education!

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