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Professional Learning Solutions Tailored to Your Teachers

Did you know that Britannica Education offers professional learning solutions? You might be familiar with their encyclopedias, curriculum, and instructional resources for teaching and learning. In addition to these comprehensive resources, Britannica Education provides tailored professional learning solutions for schools and districts across the country.

Today on the blog, we’ll take a look at what Britannica Education has to offer schools working on retaining exceptional educators.

Professional Learning Solutions

We often associate Britannica with their iconic encyclopedias and reference materials. I grew up knowing that the first place to go in the school library when working on a research project was straight to Encyclopedia Britannica. Although they still have reference materials and curricula for teachers and students to explore, they have a growing set of professional learning solutions.

Homepage screenshot of Britannica Education's Professional Learning Solutions, the hub for their educational resources and services.

What professional learning solutions are available from Britannica Education? The team at Britannica Education offers tailored professional learning solutions designed to elevate teaching practices so students can thrive. Since they know that not every school or district has the same needs, they have a comprehensive suite of professional learning experiences with three service pillars. 

Professional Learning with Britannica Education

Let’s take a look at each of Britannica Education’s three service pillars that illustrate their commitment to tailoring professional learning services to the needs of educators.


The expert consultants from Britannica Education support the implementation of professional learning services from the very start. There is the option of self-paced training modules so educators can learn at their own pace. And there are live webinars for teachers to join, too. These options target specific subjects and grade levels.


To take it a step further, Britannica Education conducts workshops developed and facilitated by its team of educators. These team members have classroom experience and work alongside teachers as they focus on the core competencies that are most important to your school community.


Britannica Education partners directly with schools and districts to craft custom services. You can work together to ensure the work aligns with your curriculum and standards while building capacity in your teaching community. Since this is an ongoing process, you’ll have the opportunity to check in regularly and adapt the professional learning solutions as needed.

As you can see in the video above, the team at Britannica Education supports teachers in several different ways. They offer in-person, virtual, and hybrid levels of professional learning solutions ready to tailor to the unique needs of your school community.

Microlearning as Professional Development

Later this month, on the Easy EdTech Podcast, I have a special bonus episode coming out featuring a conversation with Lori K. Lynch, the Vice President of Professional Learning at Britannica Education. You’ll hear us talk about professional development, specifically how microlearning is changing how we think about the professional learning solutions available to educators.

Use this link to subscribe to my newsletter (I’ll send you the episode when it goes live), or follow the Easy EdTech Podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or another favorite app. If you follow the podcast today, the episode will pop up in your queue as soon as it is available to listeners.

Getting Started with Professional Learning from Britannica Education

Ready to get started with professional learning solutions from Britannica Education? This landing page will give you all the details on how to get started, including how to set up a time to chat with a representative on the Britannica Education team. Through all stages of professional learning — Activate, Enhance, and Grow — they’ll help tailor an approach that fits your community of educators to help students thrive this school year and beyond!

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