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Prevention Education Strategies and Resources for Teachers

Does your school incorporate prevention education resources into your curriculum? With strong science and social-emotional wellness foundations, you can use multimedia resources to support prevention education initiatives. April is Alcohol Responsibility Month, so it’s a great time to introduce students to high-quality resources which also support your science and SEL goals.

This year, Ask, Listen, Learn is celebrating twenty years of prevention education. There are free resources and new activities for you to introduce to your students to help them say yes to a healthy lifestyle and stay alcohol-free. In today’s blog post, we’ll dive into everything they offer and show you where to access these free resources for students and families.

Help Kids to Say YES to a Healthy Lifestyle

If you listened to the bonus episode of my Easy EdTech Podcast that went live on Sunday, you already know about the impact these resources can have on students. I spoke with Leticia Barr, Education Consultant and Founder of You can listen to the episode right now on your favorite podcast app. Or you can press play (right here) or on the player below to stream right from your web browser.

It was wonderful hearing Leticia’s perspective, along with a few of her favorite resources. One thing that came up in our conversation was just how powerful these resources can be. They help give students the “why” behind saying no to underage drinking. 

Prevention Education and Your SEL Goals

Ask, Listen, Learn is a free digital platform for families and educators. It’s full of resources designed specifically for children in fourth through eighth grade and is aligned to national health and education standards. The Ask, Listen, Learn program gives families and teachers access to engaging videos, lesson plans, games, and activities. The goal of the program is to empower kids to say yes to a healthy lifestyle and no to underage drinking.

How does the Ask, Listen, Learn program work? Teachers can use these resources to take students on a journey through the developing brain. Through videos, games, and short lessons, they will learn what the brain does, what alcohol does to the brain, and what that does to them. You can find lots of new activities on this page. You’ll also find supporting materials like letters to send home to families and a curriculum guide.

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month

As you can see in the video overview below, April is Alcohol Responsibility Month. It’s the perfect time to explore these resources and share them with students. Not only do these resources connect to science standards, but they also contain foundations for social and emotional wellness. This spring, you can address SEL goals, elementary and middle school science standards, and prevention education all in one place.

If you have seen the Ask, Listen, Learn website before, you already know about the engaging resources that help students see the connections between their choices and brain development. There are now new lessons available created in partnership with Discovery Education. You can click here to access all the new materials. Then scroll up and down the page to see everything Ask, Listen, Learn has to offer.

The Impact of Ask, Listen, Learn

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Ask, Listen, Learn is celebrating twenty years of prevention education this year. Their data has shown that the number of eighth grade students who have consumed alcohol in their lifetime has decreased 49% proportionally from 2003 to 2022. Additionally, the current alcohol consumption among eighth graders has decreased by 70%, proportionally, from 2003 to 2022. 

Prevention Education Strategies Teachers

Over the past 20 years, lifetime alcohol consumption among American teens has been reduced by 33% proportionally – from 62% in 2003 to 41% in 2022. To add to this impact, current alcohol consumption has declined 53% proportionally among teens over the past 20 years. The free resources from Ask, Listen, Learn, including the new lessons available created in partnership with Discovery Education, can make a lasting impact on your students.

Ready to explore these free resources for students, teachers, and families? Use this link to head over to Ask, Listen, Learn’s landing page to see everything they have to offer!

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